Dr. Tim BowdenSenior Scientist

Dr. Timothy Bowden is an Associate Professor of Aquaculture at the University of Maine in their School of Food and Aquaculture.

Tim’s current research interests cover a number of areas, including the basic immunology of aquatic animals, especially invertebrates such as scallops, oysters, and lobsters, as well as novel species, such as razor clams and seahorses. He also investigates host/pathogen interactions to determine how a pathogen gains entry into an aquatic animal host and how the host responds. He is involved with both vertebrate and invertebrate species and with bacterial, viral and parasite pathogens.

Tim also studies environmental impacts on aquatic animals, with a special focus on health impacts, to help determine how an aquatic animal copes with changes in its environment such as temperature, salinity or acidity. He has a special interest in exploring the affects of biological clocks and seasonality on marine animal physiology, behavior and health. How do they sense the changing season? What is the method of molecular transduction that responds to an environmental change and leads to a physiological change in the animal? Finally, he is interested in the effects of aging in aquatic animals, especially on health and immunology.

Read Dr. Bowden’s CV here.

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