Education Center

DEI’s Education Center staff have been providing experiential science and math education to pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students since 2011. We help students and their teachers understand the scientific process through immersive experiences in intertidal and rocky shoreline ecology. Our “Let’s Find Out” approach demonstrates repeatable methods that can be used in any investigative setting.

Since we began our educational activities in 2011:

– Over 15,000 student and teacher visits have occurred.
– Over 5,000 students have taken part in DEI’s education activities.
1,200 educators have received training and assistance.

Results of DEI’s education programs include:

– Increased science in the classroom.
– Improved science & math test scores.
– Workforce development for future marine science professionals.

The future of Maine’s coastal economy rests with students in Maine’s coastal communities, most of whom go through their K-12 grade years with no exposure to marine science education. Our goal is to give future lobstermen, clammers, aquaculturists and others who will make their livelihood from the ocean an understanding of the ecology of their environment and the tools to think critically about problems they encounter.

DEI welcomes students of all ages to our facility for field trips and projects. We specialize in collaborations, such as Marine Science Days and Coastal Science Academy, during which we assist teachers in creating hands-on, field-based applied marine research projects for preK-12th grade students.

Our programs encourage students to use the scientific method to further explore their own observations and questions. We develop projects and curriculum that can be utilized in any classroom, or at home.

Marine Science in Your Community

Marine science learning experiences with our portable touch tank, baby lobsters, and other resources are sometimes available to travel directly to classrooms and community events around Maine. Contact Colleen Haskell for more information.

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