Opportunities at Downeast Institute

Neil Krane and Dr. Brian Beal measure clams found in the 2018 Thomaston recruitment box study.

Post-Doc and Senior Scientist Positions

Scientist positions are offered as our research grants demand.  Senior scientists who write their own grants should contact us about our space and other benefits.

Ocean Acidification Lab Manager. DEI is searching for a person to manage our state-of-the-art ocean acidification laboratory.

Position announcement.  Read the job description here.


Hatchery Employment

We occasionally have openings for part-time and full-time positions with a range of responsibilities in our commercial-scale seawater hatchery. Our hatchery employees have a variety of work and educational backgrounds.


College Internships

Internships and work study positions at DEI can enhance your education and provide early experience in your chosen field or other area of interest.  Past interns have worked on research projects, assisted in our research hatchery, and worked in business, marketing and finance.

Interns wanted for 2023!
– Experiential Education
– Public Outreach and Hospitality
– Shellfish Aquaculture
– Construction Traders
– Ocean Acidification Lab

Applications Available in February, 2023!


Summer/Occasional Employment

If you like a change of scenery, check this board in the spring and fall. We have seasons where we need extra hands for one to three months, primarily in the spring and early summer.


Volunteer Opportunities

High school students and other community members looking for volunteer opportunities should contact DEI.  We do our best to match projects to your area of interest.

“As a recent graduate this was my first opportunity to explore many aspects of marine science through field work, marine scientific research and shellfish husbandry. Some of the most memorable times included research such as collecting razor clams off Dobin’s Island, being a part of spawning events, measuring and counting razor clam eggs, European oyster research, maintaining the tanks and watching the invertebrates grow. ” 

– Marisa Powell, volunteer and current ACCSP Program Assistant, Atlantic States Marines Fisheries Commission:

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