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Razor Clams

Razor Clams

DEI began spawning and growing razor clams, Ensis directus, in 2015 after our Marine Science Summer
 Campers discovered a local population and asked DEI’s technicians if they could be raised in the hatchery.

Since then, DEI has been working to master the culture of this important commercial species in the hatchery and nursery, as well as growing them to commercial sizes in the field.  This includes broodstock conditioning, hatchery culture techniques for rearing larvae at commercial densities, and developing nursery grow-out procedures.

In addition, field trials with cultured juveniles are underway to examine techniques that will result in the production of commercial densities and sizes.

If you or your town would like to learn more about growing razor clams please contact Dr. Brian Beal or Kyle Pepperman at 207-259-5048.

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