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DEI’s Marine Science Field Station

DEI’s partnership with the University of Maine at Machias has allowed us to develop a Marine Science Field Station available for faculty, students, and staff from the University of Maine system and beyond. DEI offers a variety of field and laboratory research areas for science and other classes, as well as opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate research and internships. Our staff and scientists provide supervision for marine science internships and support for independent and directed studies.

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  • Having the opportunity to have access to DEI to do my undergraduate research project was a pivotal moment in my scientific career because it gave me my first real opportunity to do field and lab based ecological research.

    Danielle Haulsee Post-Doc, Stanford University
  • Working at DEI was a wonderful experience. Taking responsibility for an experiment as an undergraduate gave me a taste of 'real' science and a strong foundation for future research.

    Sara Coleman Coastal (bivalve) Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
  • [It was so important to] have the infrastructure and the direct access to marine life provided by DEI, especially since we attended a land-locked college. We were able to step out of the lab, collect our samples, and return immediately to a lab space with running seawater.

    Tasha Gownaris Post Doc, University of Washington

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