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Milky Ribbon Worms

DEI’s research has found that Milky ribbon worms, Cerebratulus lacteus, are also having a major negative impact on clam populations. Though they are a native species, their impact may be greater now because green crab predation on clams have lowered clam populations enough that clams no longer recruit to the flats in numbers necessary to swamp out milky ribbon worm predation.

Milky ribbon worms, unlike crabs, seem to prefer larger clams (i.e., those that have attained sizes > 25 mm SL), and appear to wait until clams reach a certain (relatively large) size before consuming their prey.

DEI’s research on milky ribbon worms includes:

  • Devising predator exclusion devises that work to exclude milky ribbon worms.
  • Tested a milky ribbon worm bioremediation technique for the first time in the field.

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