Downeast Institute (DEI) is the eastern-most marine research laboratory and education center in the US.  The marine laboratory serves the research interests of scientists and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about and understanding the relationships between marine organisms and their environment.

DEI’s shellfish hatchery and marine research laboratory support a number of applied field investigations. DEI partners with fishermen, aquaculturists, and other seafood companies to integrate observations into hypotheses; to frame research questions and inform study design; to deploy, conduct, and sample research, process data and disseminate results.

DEI offers researchers immediate access to deep ocean, vast intertidal areas and state of the art running seawater laboratory and support facilities. Located on an island archipelago amid the distinctive Eastern Maine Coastal Current, our 16 acre campus is designed to serve the marine science community.

Our research facility, The Center For Shellfish Production & Research provides:

  • 15,000 sq. ft. research hatchery with tanks, running seawater, microalgae culture, and proven systems for spawning and rearing shellfish and other marine invertebrates
  • Experienced hatchery research assistants on site 7 days a week to help plan and implement shellfish production protocols
  • Environmentally controlled spaces for boreal species
  • Electronic controls for temperature, oxygen, salinity and other water quality variables, and an emergency power-generating back-up system

Learn more about our facility, our lab spaces, including the Ocean Acidification Lab, our support spaces and offices. 

Our approach integrates both local ecological and technical fisheries knowledge into our study design, making the results stronger and applicable to the real world. Our approach also ensures that our findings can be used by harvesters, fishery managers and others. Learn more about the research from our marine laboratory by choosing a species below:

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