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Arctic Surf Clams


The Arctic surf clam, Mactromeris polynyma, is native to the Gulf of Maine, but the only commercial fishery, with $50 million in annual sales, is in Canada.  Adult clams, 3.5 to 5 inches in size (ca. 20-40 yrs old) are harvested for their large and colorful foot, used in sushi. 

Since 2012 DEI has been developing techniques to spawn, raise and grow Arctic surf clams,  in the hatchery and the field. Our goal is to introduce a new product – a 1.75 to 2-inch Arctic surf clam that would be sold whole. Successful commercialization of this species would help diversify Maine’s seafood economy and provide opportunities for fishermen.

We are continuing growout trials and a market study has been completed.  For more details on our research results, click here.

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