– Hatchery –


250mL algae culture flasks and the larger mass microalgal culture in fiberglass tubes ( ca. 90 L each).  The light brown microalgae in the foreground of the tubes is Isochrysis galbana (clone T. iso).

Microalgae (unicellular algae) is the food source for all shellfish. Microalgal production is necessary to condition broodstock and rear larvae and juveniles.

DEI’s stock microalgal culture system and mass algal growout system is located on our 6,000 sq. ft. mezzanine level.

DEI raises a variety of diatoms, flagellates, and dinoflagellates. Diatoms include: Chaetoceros calcitrans, Chaetoceros muelleri, Thalassiosira pseudonanna, Thalassiosira weissfloggii, and Skeletonema dohrnii.

Flagellates include Tisochrysis lutea, Pavlova pinguis, Pavlova lutheri, Tetraselmis maculata, Tetraselmis chuii, and Rhodomonas salina. Dinoflgeellates include Pyrocystis lunula and Alexandrium catenella.



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