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Atlantic Surf Clams

Atlantic surf clams, Spisula solidissima, are also called hen clams. Appreciated for their sweet flavor, they are used in a variety of dishes from chowders to sushi. Historically Maine has been at the northern edge of their range. They grow to be over 7” in length but also have a commercial market at less than two inches.  

Interest in Atlantic surf clam farming is increasing. As one of a few hatcheries producing this species, DEI’s goal is to provide a steady supply of high quality Atlantic surf clam seed that aquaculturists can use to diversify their farms.

Surf clam seed 2 mm or less should be ordered in February for delivery in the spring. Contact Kyle Pepperman at 207-259-5048.

Size (mm) Size (in) Price per 1,000 Time of Availability
1 mm 0.04 in $7.00 June
2 mm 0.07 in $11.00 June/July
4 mm 0.15 in $17.00 August/September

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