Center for Shellfish Production & Research

DEI specializes in raising juvenile shellfish for fisheries stock enhancement and for research purposes. Since 1987 we have produced hundreds of millions of seed clams (Mya arenaria) for Maine coastal communities and others in northern New England and eastern Canada.

In addition to soft-shell clams, DEI produces other shellfish species such as quahogs and Atlantic surf clams for public fisheries stock enhancement and aquaculture development. We are in the final stages of developing hatchery and grow-out technology for Arctic surf clams and blue mussels, and are researching this technology for sea scallopsEuropean oysters, and razor clams.  Our hatchery is in the early stages of developing American oysters that can grow viably in the colder waters of eastern Maine. In addition, we rear other species, including juvenile American lobsters, for research and education purposes.

DEI will grow seed to order and may make research surplus available on a limited basis. Contact Kyle Pepperman (207-259-5048) for more information. 

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