Reanna SmithFinance Assistant

Reanna began her journey as Finance Assistant at Downeast Institute in the Fall of 2022. A resident of Jonesport, Maine her whole life, she has always taken a particular interest in science and marine life. Including participating in the Eastern Maine Skippers program her high school offered, which DEI welcomed warmly. Reanna graduated high school in 2018 where she originally planned to pursue a career in the medical field as a nurse. Once starting college, Reanna found that nursing, although a thoughtful career, just wasn’t her passion. After a few weeks at DEI, Reanna learned that she found a place where work became something she looked forward to rather than dreaded waking up for. A rather large turn of events, she decided that bookkeeping and finances were something she did feel passionate about. Bonus…Working at DEI allows Reanna to stay connected to her roots and be involved in the marine science world alongside her colleagues right back where it all started in high school!

Reanna plans to return to school in the Fall for Accounting where she hopes to one day start a business in her hometown as a financial consultant/ accountant for the local townspeople.

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