Dr. Brian Beal at work in the field.

Dr. Brian Beal at work in the field.

Dr. Brian Beal has been appointed to serve on the Science and Technical Subcommittee of the Maine Climate Council by Governor Janet Mills.

The Climate Council, proposed by Gov. Janet Mills in April 2019 and passed by the Legislature, is charged with “establishing strategies and initiatives to help the state meet its greenhouse gas reductions and renewable energy generation targets as it works to combat climate change, and to make sure our communities, industries and people are resilient to the changes our state is facing.”

The Climate Council launched with its first meeting on September 26, 2019. The seven working groups, of which the Science and Technical Subcommittee is one, are tasked with finding solutions for various aspects related to the impacts of climate change.

In December 2020 a 4-year State Climate Action Plan will be unveiled.

Meetings of the Climate Council and Science and Technical Committee can be viewed online on the Maine Climate Council website. For more information or to view meetings go to: https://www.maine.gov/future/initiatives/climate/climate-council.


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