The Downeast Institute is seeking to hire a Postdoctoral Associate in Marine Carbonate Chemistry to work out of our facility in Beals for a 24-month period beginning in June 2019.

The Downeast Institute (DEI) seeks a motivated and creative marine biologist with expertise in ocean and sediment carbonate chemistry to help assemble an ocean acidification laboratory, and conduct experiments in the laboratory and field to determine effects of ocean acidification (OA) on the biology and ecology of local, commercially-important shellfish. This research will be facilitated by state-of- the-art hatchery facilities at DEI where we have been rearing bivalves and crustaceans for the past 30 years. The successful candidate will work closely with the institute’s Director of Research and its staff to establish and operate the OA laboratory, and promote interactive research with outside investigators to utilize DEI facilities for OA research. The candidate will be responsible for recommending appropriate equipment and supplies for the OA laboratory and for the field to conduct manipulative experiments to examine how current and future carbonate chemistry of seawater and sediments affect life-history dynamics of local shellfish. The successful candidate will have broad, in-depth knowledge of shellfish biology/ecology as well as carbonate chemistry related to seawater and sediments. She/He will have experience writing successful grants, and assembling and working in an OA laboratory.

Read the entire job posting here.

A cover letter, references, resume/CV, and transcripts are required to apply. Materials are due to by April 30, 2019.

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