Marine Research Fellowship


Now Accepting Applications. Applications due March 18, 2022

DEI Fellowships are offered to graduate students enrolled in MS and PHD programs.

Winning applicant selected April 1, 2022

March 2022

1. Learn About the Fellowship

DEI Fellowships offer graduate students the opportunity to complete a research project at a world-class marine research facility. DEI Fellows propose a marine science research project of their own choice, and spend the summer conducting their research at DEI. Although the quality of the research depends on the effort expended by the student, a highly motivated Fellow could reasonably expect to produce results which are worthy of publication in a peer reviewed journal. 

    • The DEI Fellowship is a 13-week residential experience at the Downeast Institute (DEI) in Beals, Maine
    • In 2022, the Fellowship period begins on May 15th and ends on August 12th.
    • DEI Fellows are expected to spend the entire 13-week period at DEI. Proposals to conduct research remotely or at other research locations will not be accepted.
    • DEI Fellows receive a stipend for $8,650 for the 13-week period.
    • The stipend is paid as follows:
      • 1/3 upon submission of the completed research proposal to DEI (due May 1).
      • 1/3 upon submission of the midterm report to DEI (due July 15).
      • 1/3 upon submission of the final report to DEI (due September 1).
    • DEI Fellows stay in Evelyn Hall, DEI’s on-campus dorm. 
    • Each DEI Fellow is awarded a private dorm room with two beds.
    • The cost of this room ($1350) is paid for as part of the fellowship.
    • Significant others are welcome to visit or stay for the summer.
    • DEI Fellows receive an allowance of $1500 to cover expenses associated with conducting their research project.
    • Research expenses must be included in the Research Proposal and must be approved by DEI. Research Expenses are administered by Downeast Institute.
    • The DEI Team will purchase the research supplies and equipment specified in your proposal for you. 
    • Durable items and unused consumables purchased with these funds remain the property of DEI at the end of the Fellowship.
    • DEI Fellows must be enrolled in a graduate program (MS or PhD) at an accredited university.
    • DEI Fellows must have a faculty advisor to guide them as they prepare their proposals and conduct their research. The advisor’s commitment includes:
      • Committing one hour per week to advising the DEI Fellow. This commitment begins on April 1st and continues through August 31st.
      • Spending at least one day at DEI to review their student’s work, participate in their student’s presentation of results, tour DEI, and discuss their research with DEI scientists.
      • In return for this commitment, advisors receive a $1,500 stipend and a $500 travel allowance as part of the Fellowship grant.
    • DEI Fellows have access to and are mentored by DEI’s scientists and subject matter experts during the Fellowship. 
    • When Fellows require assistance, DEI Team members are committed to making themselves available in a timely manner. 

2. Apply For a Fellowship Grant

Complete the Application Form via Google Forms by March 18, 2022 by clicking below.

3. Zoom with Our Team to Pitch Your Project

Once your application is accepted, we will schedule an interview with you and, if possible, your advisor. Download the Zoom Script below.

April 2022

4. Applicant Selected on April 1, 2022

Sign Fellowship Agreement

5. Prepare Your Proposal

Using the proposal guidelines, you will prepare your proposal with your advisor and our team.

MAY 2022

6. Submit Proposal by May 1, 2022

Please submit your competed Proposal as a MS Word document. Proposal are due at midnight, May 1, 2022.

Email your Proposal to: Dianne Tilton, Executive Director, Downeast Institute.

7. Sign Housing Contract

Sign the Housing Contract to move in and start your fellowship at Downeast Institute.

8. Meet Our Team at DEI

Start your fellowship by meeting the team at Downeast Institute.

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