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We take orders for cultured soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria) juveniles in the late winter and spring each year.

Orders are placed during this time to help us understand what the demand is for cultured clams so that we can produce enough each year.

Clam prices (see below) are based on the size of the seed clams produced, with larger clams requiring more time and handling on our part costing more than small clams.

If you are interested in ordering small clams (for growing in an upweller or floating trays), sizes up to 2 mm can be shipped to you between May and June. 

Call us anytime if you have a special order.

Transplant Permit required for Mainer's

For Maine communities and individuals ordering DEI soft-shell clam seed, remember that you will need to obtain a transplant permit from the Maine Department of Marine Resources.  Please follow this link to find a transplant/relay permit application and instructions as well as contact information about the area biologists in your region.


Downeast Institute 

for Applied Marine Research and Education

 Seed Clam Prices

(Effective 12/14/15)

SIZE (mm)

SIZE (in)

Price/1000 animals

1 mm


$ 5.30

1.5 mm


$ 7.60




5-7.9 mm

.20 - .31

 $ 19.00 *



 $ 25.00 **


* Orders outside the state of Maine will be charged $24.00/1000 animals

** Orders outside the state of Maine will be charged $30.00/1000 animals

Sizes are shell lengths

To place an order for soft-shell clam seed, call Kyle or Cody at 207-497-5769

or e-mail



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