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Set your GPS for 39 Wildflower Lane, Beals, Maine.

Otherwise, cross the Jonesport-Beals Bridge and make a left at the first stop sign at the foot of the bridge. Follow the road for an eighth of a mile to the next stop sign.  Go straight on Bay View Drive.  Approximately one mile beyond the second stop sign, you will cross a small causeway that separates Beals Island from Great Wass Island (a lobster pound is on your right -- at Flying Place Cove -- and a mudflat is on your left).  Immediately after the causeway, the road splits, and you want to turn right onto the Black Duck Cove Road.  That road will turn to dirt after a mile-and-a-half.  Continue for another 1.5 miles until you see a large sign (on the righthand side of the road) for DEI (which is on Wildflower Lane). Turn right onto Wildflower Lane and continue until you see the large gray building (shellfish hatchery) and green building (marine education center).


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