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Annual Report

2017 Annual Report: Groundbreaking.

2016 Annual Report: Progressing Toward Our Vision.

DEI in the future as the easternmost marine research laboratory and education center in the United States.

Economic Impact

Beginning in 1987 as the Beals Island Regional Shellfish Hatchery, and continuing today, we produce soft-shell clam seed (cultured juvenile clams averaging about a half-inch in length) for Maine's coastal communities who wish to enhance wild stocks with hatchery-reared clams.  Much of the research we have conducted through the years has focused on the survival and growth of these animals in a variety of intertidal locations along the Maine coast.  Over time, we have also produced and conducted research on hard clams, blue mussels, Arctic surfclams, razor clams, and European oysters.  Click here to read about DEI's economic impact regarding this production and research effort.


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